To guarantee your bait requirements please pre order and we will have your bait ready and waiting for you when you arrive at the lake.

We can order any Nutrabaits boilies for delivery to the lake ( minimum order 100kg, 6 weeks notice & shelf life only). Please contact us if you would like to order.

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Starbaits Signal

Starbaits Signal is the new generation concept boilie from Starbaits. The lake has seen some excellent results on the Signal, both during the summer and the winter. Signal’s principal objective is to create the same feeding response seen from the carp when crayfish shed their shells. Those of you who have seen how preoccupied carp become on crayfish when they become soft after shedding their shells to grow bigger, will know what Starbaits have aimed to achieve. They have been working with scientific researchers to find the amino complex that is given off when the crays carry out the “moulting” process. These amino acids enter the water and trigger the frantic feeding response seen in the carp. Starbaits like to call this the “Signal”. The Signal is formulated with larger particles of Oyster and egg shell to optimise the crunch factor, crayfish meal, bloodworm extract and advanced liquid formulations found in Japan, therefore recreating the crayfish phenomenon whilst also providing the carp with a good source of food for growth enhancement and tissue repair.Available in 2.5kg bags

£25 per 2.5KG bag.

Ready cooked maize

Ready cooked maize by the bucket. This is part of the staple food diet we feed our fish all year round and is a consistently good catcher whenever we have fished it as part of the baiting strategy or just fished on it’s own. We sell this freshly prepared,so pre ordering is essential. Priced at £25 per bucket approx 20kg.

£25.00 Per Bucket 


We are offering pellet to our customers again this year by the sack. This is a high grade pellet that has been used in the lake for the last few years and is regularly fed by us during the close season. This is supplied to us by one of the biggest suppliers to the aquatic trade- Coppins. Pellet is available from us in 25kg sacks priced at £60 per sack, or a 12.5kg sack for £35 per half sack(12.5kg). The carp are used to being fed on this pellet, so we highly recommend feeding this as part of your baiting strategy whilst at Rendezvous. It will improve your catch rate if used correctly.

£35.00 Per 12.5KG Sack

£60.00 Per 25KG Sack 

Rendezvous bait deal-Now including Nutrabaits boilies

New and updated for 2024 our money saving bait deal. The bait deal will save you plenty when compared to buying this separately from us. We now offer three different boilies-two from the amazing Nutrabaits range and our ever faithful 'Starbaits Signal'. All the boilies are 18mm shelf life.

So the bait deal consists of:

1 x sack of coppins pellet 25kg + 20kg of either Nutrabaits Big Fish Mix salmon, caviar & black pepper, Nutrabaits Trigga with Pineapple & butyric acid or Starbaits signal boilies (18mm) @ £230  per bait deal.

This deal will save each angler £30 based on if the bait was bought separately from us. 


Nutrabaits Big Fish Mix and Trigga with Pineapple & N-Butyric Acid


Big Fish Mix-'BFM'-The ever consistent Big Fish Mix along with our amino and protein rich Salmon Hydrolysate, Salmon oil along with our nature identical Salmon flavour, UTCS Caviar flavour and our Black pepper. A bait that has stood the test of time as one of the all time great carp catching baits. A boilie that has stood the test of time, this boilie provides everything you would ever need from a bait that contains premium quality fishmeal's, milk proteins, bird foods, whey proteins along with Haith’s Robin Red. This is one of those baits that can be used with total confidence throughout the year.

 Trigga pineapple & N-butyric acid has stood the test of time and is regarded as one of the best big fish baits ever produce. For the angler wanting a little more instant attraction, this range includes optimum levels of our Green Lipped Mussel extract along with our in-house flavour blend of Pineapple & N-Butyric acid under the counter special flavour. This being added at the perfect level to offer the perfect level of long term attraction without over powering the bait. An attractor combination that ensures they are even more effective in both short term, with absolutely no detriment to their long term effectiveness. 

Trigga: Pineapple & N-Butyric Acid is made up of the finest predigested marine meals, premium quality fish meals, human food grade milk proteins and whey proteins, Sluis CLO, vitamins and minerals along with the addition of our exclusive Trigga powder, Trigga liquid food, pure Green Lipped Mussel Extract and Pineapple & N-Butyric Acid UTCS flavour. 

Both baits are 18mm and sold in 5kg re-sealable bags- £50 per 5kg.


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