Lake Rules

Do not arrive before 14.00 as you will not be able to gain access to the lake- this is to give us time to deep clean the cabins & facilities before your arrival.

You must depart before 10.00-this is to give us time to deep clean the cabins & facilities before the next group of anglers arrive.

All glass containers/bottles to be taken away by anglers/guests.(these can be disposed of at the bottle bank at the supermarket)

The rowing boat is NOT available to use.



  • Maximum of 3 rods per angler. Baited rods must not be left unattended.
  • Barbless hooks only to be used
  • No fish are to moved in to or from the stock pond. 
  • Minimum of 15lb breaking strain mono. No braided mainline allowed except on markers and spods.
  • Bait boats are permitted but please be respectful of the other anglers
  • Minimum of 42 inch landing nets to be used. All nets must be dipped prior to fishing. This will be done by Darren, the Bailiff. We recommend that clients pack nets to be easily accessible on arrival to enable this process & ensure that your fishing is not delayed.
  • Fishing from designated swims only. Pods are essential due to the hard banks. The front of the swims are also astro-turfed so you will need a pod.
  • Hooks must be barbless.Only single hook rigs are allowed.
  • No long shanked hooks, or treble hooks. No fixed lead rigs. All leads must be able to release over any leaders easily (no lead core leaders allowed).
  • The magic twig or similar is banned and cannot be used in any form. This is banned from whatever company sells it.


  • We require all anglers to be in possession of Carp Klinik or similar aquatic antiseptic. Please apply as required. If you don’t bring any with you, we will sell you some.
  • Rigs may be checked by the Bailiff. Please ensure that your rigs are correctly tied to ensure the safety of the fish.
  • Please do not bring unhooking mats or slings with you, as these are provided at the lake to prevent transmission of diseases.
  • Cradles are to be used when unhooking fish. All fish to be carried using the slings and fish are to be supported in the water until they swim away strongly. Catfish are particularly prone to bellying-up if released too soon.
  • Catfish to be unhooked on the cat mats provided. We have also provided cat weigh slings which should also be used for returning fish. Please do not use carp slings as they cannot cope with the weight.
  • No sacking or retention slings to be used or brought onto the fishery. Fish must be returned to the water within a reasonable time.
  • Live baits not to be brought onto the fishery. These can be caught at the lake.
  • No particle to brought on to the site unless this is in sealed shop bought packs IE dynamite etc. No nuts are allowed of any kind(tigers,peanuts or maples).
  • There is a rowing boat on site-This is not for anglers or guests use. 
  • Do not cut vegetation or alter the swims. If there is an annoying branch etc ask the Bailiff and he will be happy to assist.


Booking Rules

  • Arrival time at the lake is no earlier than 14.00hrs and departure is no later than 10.00hrs. Please adhere to this, as our Bailiff needs the time to prepare the lake for arriving guests. Do not put us in a position where he has to turn you away.
  • Dogs are allowed with prior agreement and you must clean up after them.
  • You must have adequate travel insurance for you and your group. This is your responsibility. 
  • All litter and rubbish to be placed in the correct bins provided.
  • Do not use the bushes as a toilet – use the on site toilet facility.
  • When using the cooker or microwave the cabin must not be left unattended and fat fryers are not permitted.
  • The facilities must be left in a reasonable state prior to your departure.
  • We do not provide bedding or towels for the cabins, so please bring your own.
  • The number of people allowed in your party is fixed at the time of booking. Additions to this can only be made with prior consent.
  • No under 18’s unless accompanied by an adult.
  • No excessive alcohol use – please drink responsibly. No drugs will be tolerated at any time at the lake.
  • Parking in permitted areas only – No driving around the lake.
  • The owners will not accept any liability for damage to your property or possessions. All activities are undertaken at your own risk.
  • The Bailiff’s decision is final. Any complaints must be made by email to We will respond within 2 days of a complaint being received.


Darren is our Bailiff at the lake. He is a great baliff & a very nice chap and is there to assist you in any way he can. If you are unsure of any of the lake rules, please do not hesitate to ask.

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